A Quick look About iMenuCards

iMenuCards India has brought new way of running restaurant business by replacing traditional way and using Digital Tablet Menu. The company has vast experience in serving best Tablet Menu service to empower the brand to run business efficiently and become standout among competitors. iMenuCards feel proud in offering efficient business tool and make brands advance and competitive in the new age of technology.

iMenuCards Love to be Ahead with Digital Tablet Menu – A Revolutionized Way of Business

With an approach and intention to become competitive in eatery industry, iMenuCards has left behind the traditional way of running restaurant business i.e. paper menu and proud to emerge with revolutionized and electronic device "Digital Tablet Menu". The discovery of Tablet Menu empowers iMenuCards India for being innovative, standout and advance in eatery Industry. The advance features and functioning of digital menu makes the brand powerful and adequate in various ways which includes managing daily basis menu, offers or discounts etc. By replacing the paper menu and bringing Tablet Menu, iMenuCards India loves to enhance the dining experience of people. This certainly makes the brand enough popular and competitive for long run business.

Know More About Restaurant Tablet Menu

Restaurant Tablet Menu stuns the guests of iMenuCards India with its amazing features that give pleasant experience to customers. Restaurant Tablet Menu or Digital Menu comprises with enormous features that enables the restaurant owner to manage numerous activities easily, timely and perfectly. Restaurant manager are capable of managing Instant Menu Updation, Feedback, Special Offers & Sponsors, food description, images of the gallery, order placement, billing, advertising/discounts and many more.


Glance at Amazing Features

Dynamic Food Description

Easy to look at amazing menu, beautiful food pictures and nutritional details

Request Bill & Call Waiter

Enable customers to get their bill with just one tap

Direct Printer & POS connectivity

Easy to get connect with printing system feature

Browse & Order Food Directly

Place order directly in kitchen with simple browsing and placing order

Feedback, Special Offers & Sponsors

Get in touch with customers easily for Feedback, Special Offers & Sponsors

Improves Restaurant Order Cycle

Be advance with Tablet Menu and improve your restaurant order cycle


Digital Menu Brought Advantages for Restaurant’s Owner/Staff

  • Enhance Restaurants Standard in eatery industry
  • Saves money on reprint while updating or changing menu
  • Easy to manage discounts, offers, newsletters, happy meal or hours
  • Run advertisements, promotional banners efficiently
  • Easy to manage daily bookings and table reservation
  • Promote specials and up sell items with effective and appealing visuals
  • Effective and simple to stay connected with loyal customers

How Digital Menu Keep Restaurant’s Customers Happy?

  • Enable customers to easily place the order, right with one touch
  • Simple to call for waiter
  • It gives detailed food description or recipes along with visuals
  • Easy to get bill and make payment quickly
  • Simple to give feedback and remark for food and service
  • Get info about restaurant and its service till the order comes on table
  • Customers can explore the gallery of delicious cuisines